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Take control of your life and learn what you should have been taught in school. After your appointment, we will create your personalized Life Empowerment Plan, which will contain everything you need to know to conquer life.
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What You Didn't Learn in School
You've been let down by the education system. Through 12-16+ years of school, you learned about mitochondria and the Pythagorean theorem, but no one ever told you how to pay your taxes or how to find a job that actually inspires you. 

I'm just like you. I was a SENIOR in college before I realized that I had zero interest in following the disempowering model that the 'middle-class' dictates you should follow. Luckily for me, the expensive degree I chose to spend 4 years of my life on taught me the life skills I needed- and I want to pass that knowledge on to you. 

I've worked with hundreds of clients as a financial coach, counselor, and planner, and through my experience, I've found tools, tricks, hacks and strategies you can use to empower your life by taking control of your money. 
Life Empowerment Session
What's Included:
There are thousands of gurus and advisors out there who try to shove their ideas and values down your throat. With a Life Empowerment Session, I will help you see through all the smoke and bad information. I'll coach you through setting and refining your goals, teach you more about how to adult, and guide you through figuring out what you're supposed to accomplish while here on the rock. 

By signing up for a session, there's a few things you get. First, we'll have a coaching call. We can talk about whatever you want during the call, but it's probably most helpful if we talk mostly about your finances. We'll also cover the LIFE EMPOWERMENT topic you choose from the list below. After the call, I'll analyze your situation and write you a personalized education plan that will (without jargon) help you make the best financial choices possible, as well as tools to help implement the plan. Finally, I'll send you a tool to help help with the LIFE EMPOWERMENT area we cover in the call. 

I'm not going to try to sell you products or force my ideas on you. Throughout the process, I'll help you figure out what YOUR values really are, and then create a plan to guide you through the process of empowering your life. 
How It Works:
  •  Choose a Time: Use the scheduler on the left or click the button below to schedule an appointment time that works for you. If there are no times that work for you, send me an email at and we can set up something else.
  •  Answer Questions: Once you choose a time, you'll need to answer several questions about your situation. This will help me understand where you're at and enable me to give the best advice I can. 
  •  Choose your Life Empowerment Process: There's a lot more to life than just your finances, so you can choose which process you'd like me to coach you through! 
  •  Video Chat: I'll look over your information and then we'll have an hour long video call. In this call, I'll teach and guide you through the Empowerment process, as well as answer any questions you have about your situation. If you'd prefer a phone call, you can let me know when you sign up. 
  •  Analysis: After our call, I'll send you a form requesting any other data I need, then I'll write you a personalized Life Empowerment Plan, full of education, inspiration, and ideas to help you Empower your Life. 
  •  Plan Delivery: After I finish the plan, I'll send it to you, along with tools designed to help you track your progress and organize your finances. I'll also send a video overview explaining what I talk about in the plan!  
Price: $500
If you have questions about any step in this process, email
Empowerment Plan Elements
All Plans Include:
  •  Goal Analysis: I'll review your goals and help you understand how to reach them 
  •  Cashflow and Budgeting: Based on your situation and goals, I'll teach you strategies to give you clarity about your money, control your spending, and save to reach your goals. 
  •  Credit: Credit is one of the most misunderstand financial topics out there. We'll talk about what credit is and how you can use it as a powerful tool. 
  •  Debt Management and Student Loans: I'll help you build a plan to get your debt under control, and teach how you to make sense of student loan repayment.
  •  Risk Management: We'll go over the basics of insurance and strategies you can use to protect yourself from big risks. 
  •  Tax Planning: Taxes are terrifying, but with the right knowledge, tax season doesn't need to be stress season. 
  •  Basics of Investing: Wall Street wants you to think investing is a mystical art, but I'll show you how easy it can be to get started on your own, even if you don't have much saved! 
Empowerment Plan Elements
Choose One:
  •  Find your Purpose: Besides not teaching us life skills, the school system never helps you figure out what you want from your life. I'll help you screen out the influence of other people, and identify what you really want from your life. Also, you'll receive a tool to help you go deeper with this process! 
  •  Neutralize Your Fears: I'll help you figure out what's causing your fears and give you practical tips to neutralize those negative feelings and emotions. Removing those obstacles creates MASSIVE power for you. I'll send you a tool that makes this process practical and simple.
  •  Grand Strategic Planning: Everyone has set goals at the start of the year, only to forget about them within a couple weeks. I'll guide you through a concrete, powerful goal setting process that will ensure you make progress on your goals. You'll receive a tool to use that will help you plan and force you to be accountable to yourself. 
  •  None: If none of these really sound interesting to you, we can focus entirely on your financial health instead! This call is for YOU. When you schedule your session, you can tell me exactly what you want! 
Meet your Coach
Hi! I'm Brian! 
I was on the path to law school when I realized that after 19 years of school and HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of dollars of debt, I'd end up in a career that had no guarantee of ever making me happy. I was lucky enough to get a bachelor's degree that actually helped empower my life, and I want to share what I learned with you all. I've coached and worked with hundreds of people, helping them figure out their own finances, as well as helping them to find clarity on what they want from life.
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